Saturday, April 23, 2005

Withholding the Truth

Withholding the truth left us for weak
Against the hassles that shackled our voices
Just what I held against the missionary
Stressing Christ submission to humiliations
Conditioning my race to accept their chains-
Said I wasn't the only 'race' of `slaves'
Talk about `Joseph' being sold
More so by his own `white'
Quote a chapter of `timothy' at me
Cast its doubt in the chaos of your mind
Something to do with `massa' over `slaves'
And bid the chain clang out shut
Through the window of doubt
Against the greatest sham of all ages
Of land which hold no echoes of other land
And all the crops we raised with a breaking back
Where the wheat, corn and cotton grow
Beyond the `Mississippi' river
Were the nigger hustlers
Was just having a temporary custody of you
Coz you were just under the prote...

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