Sunday, June 12, 2005

what my write-up does ( warning)

In my studies… there is no such moment like soberness,the churchy ideas cannot help you, because they are part of the corporate community the words could not offer it, only the self will, you will only find here the lust for initiation, into the spirit realm, The ritual of listening and could make you the true son.
Let me explain-In the past, when a child is old enough for initiation, he is taken to the forest were the chief priest lives, (a special and feared place set apart for such a purpose), it could be the first time the child was there, and there could be things, such as the totems of worships, things the child has been taught to revere, these things will be there with him, things that brought the native instinct to its sharpest lines, the fear and hunger for being, And then there is the initiation of blood, as each of the participant mingle their blood with the gourd of worship,Here the child leant the art of our lineage,the myth handed down from generation to generation, songs and stories that embodied the value of its possession,The assurance of the invincible and non verbal, help us to see the genuine face of the dark man...that is what my study does-initiate you from its beginning till the final chapter

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