Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ebony lips

Roosters crowed somewhere in the barnyards
Ebony lips patted in a smile answered their call
Nothing moves but the portraits on my consciousness'
Creeping close till it merges into one
Moving like Siamese engaging in sex,
pictured a woman voice in my head
Buzz and yammer they snicker tempting me
Take me! The voices said" take me!
Take the true black woman,

as my arts magnifies her belly budge
My pen thrusting at me their brown midriff
as the rhythmic swaying hips
Tempted me into an erotic faith.

as I write to encircle her hot behind
the fullness of her breast bumped my arms
Controlling my thoughts
To react to the kinsman scorn
Who said my color was erotic filth.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty hot and steamy.

seemslike you had a passionat dream or experiance and write it down.

Sylvia Hubbard said...

LOVE IT! And thank you for posting in my blog. :-* from across the world!!!

Afriquest Palava Hut said...

Urdeen your poetry has the strong Afrisecal flow to it. Most of them have its flame billowing into poetic vistas.
We are working presently on representing the unusual poetic flow of the identity matrix of the contemporary African poet and Afrigeneas poet. Do you want to be part of our forth coming Anthology and archives of miscellany?
Please spread the word.
Chinedu Austine O.

OSOFERO S.A said...

simply wonderful, it seems to me that you just chose to be different, man you are very different and unique if you know what that means............cheers. OSOFERO SOLOMON A. BELLS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY