Monday, September 12, 2005


The dancers perfect their art
And the scars tells the story
That is the instinct of the society
With over a hundred ethnic race
The trouble with such bypass
Found also with the cloth tradition
And the cultural association with the marks
Is that the man is methodologically living
Through the past history of “papa”
A common feature found in the observation
There is the inheritance of fierceness
And we all witness the division of a nation
Linked with the same theory we have studied


Anonymous said...


please keep writing

Scott said...

the scars

the wounds of the past

reinstalled and updated.

is it to remember?

is it to keep the past alive?

will the scars fit neatly under a business suit?

will the tears from hundreds of years of pain and internal struggle make sea salt for fancy restaraunts?

will our never ending need to control each other all over the world be our last uncontrollable gesture at tribalism?

will there come a day when we fall on the sand next to each other, after a long day of building scarscrapers and chinese take out food shops, and look at each other on the inside?

Not at the scars we are attempting to renew and display on the outside.

I don't know you yet,

tell me how to look at you.