Friday, January 04, 2008

Africa: Rhythm of Memorial (introduction poem)

The chilling truth that people under the control of cult leaders are capable of the most horrible atrocities imaginable can not be overemphasised… so the best solution is that we writers have to educate them, for in such education we promote peace

We need to do this for African freedom and liberty.

Let us reveal the religious and ethnic leaders who promote a culture of absolute obedience, separation from the “other”, and embrace violence, let us look for them and warn the authorities in such a region of what may happen when such leaders are bought

This Kenya crisis is not the first, our continent is unjustly victimized even today
Because of the loyalty of these leaders

Priestly craft against our culture
All natives lost to papal claims
The ideal freedom dearer than the blood
Of brothers condemned to a cruel death

What agitate us to throw stones?
What hate roam confined within?
That restless spirit wanting to be freed
And rampage within the African coast

Slave to oppression we moan about it
Cried to slavish and religious superstitions
Till the charms of hate release
The struggle of the degrading claims

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