Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the overture of an Esan son

The shade of desire is evident
When you watch eyes following
Water pouts wetting the blouse
Of an Edo maiden in the river road

The poet in love knows these best
Lift her bodily within this script
And praise her for my manhood stance
As an outlet of mans savage quest

These poems whispered the tempters rite
At a time when sexual desire followed me
Something the bible called bloom of youth
Like anger in silence translated by the body
When the lines of arches were at their peak

The picture in an artistic abandons
Conditioned by the gazelle neck
On her head it swings and sway
A stance of many dances

The scenes that tasked much attention
Like the wrapper around her flank
Unpadded feet on the dust they trod
Echoes the overture of an Esan son


the delicate flanks shows elastic in pants
The daring eyes flaunts the police line
Such contemplation papa warned me about
Trying to restrain me with a muscular thigh

The red lip gauge fanning the flame
Like squashed roses red as wine
A pout of blood colored my mind
As a savior died for this sinner in me
Tempting me through the erotic faith

The water pot goes in and out with me
Walking by the stream or the water ways
Or by the narrow streamlet were the land
Were green or by the creek were the hills were steep
Like my shadow it traced a part of me
A life destined on the African woman

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