Thursday, May 04, 2006

a plea for SUDAN to writers

Theme in a dominion of pure opposition
Horrific scenes with no chance of peace
like them my childhood involved neglect
My puberty entailed poverty disputation
My adulthood was rooted in Niger delta
with all this in mind you assumed right
It was no wonder I knew what I write
Am not in Sudan but have burnt candles
Chalks on a slate to tell of poetic treasons
By reducing them to abstractions and wiles
The yelling, the screaming, it never did cease
My vocation has turned it to self-mutilation.
In an attempt to release inner frustration
Seeking a "Sudanese Poems" and stories
Something more important that rhymes
above the mistake of looking in the mirror
ignorant if we think we could never be in that place
the CNN talk about Theme of underdevelopment
To wash their hands of the “sudden death”

Please do not turn from the grave
And from the mound beside it
The smell of damp earth and rotten matter
Calling to mind, creatures once flesh
Please do not turn from the grave
Of corpse descending on the uncaring earth
And the cemetery of mourners
Exploding over headstones
Please do not turn from the grave
From the sod beneath
Of beetles, worms and little things
Bedding with these of whom we cry

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Urdeen Sylvester
Administrative officer
Bells university of technology
Ogun State


Gwilym Williams said...

The old situation:
About half the population are Arabs and there are minorities of Dinka, Nubians and others. Since 1964 and 1989 more than a million people died in conflict between the Muslem N and the animist S, where the government is opposed by the Sudanese People's Liberation Army.
The new talks:
Talks are ongoing at the moment. I hope the talkers keep talking and that they remember what Winston Churchill famously said:
Better to jaw-jaw than to war-war!

richard said...

impressed. perhaps we can use some of your poems in the nigerian national mirror newspaper.

uche peter umez said...

really poignant this poem

i especially like the 2nd stanza

rich in vividness, imageries haunting,

and elegiac really in contents

keep it up!

Bougie Black Boy said...

very nice poetry. the images and imagery is amazingly disturbing and powerful. Wonderful